Code Version Master is all about computer science, programming, and coding. Whether you are a beginner or a professional working in the latest emerging technologies, it would have something for everyone.

It will be a comprehensive resource for code versioning systems like Git, programming languages like C++, data structures, and several other computer science and programming verticals.


You will learn in this section about all the git commands required for a beginner and advanced that are useful for every developer using git. Everything is shown practically with output from a real machine and an online live git repository. You can follow the instructions step-by-step and practice on your system and git repository. You will also see a list of general articles on git.

C++ Latest features

You will learn all the C++ 11, C++ 14, C++ 17 and other latest features with example programs and live compilation and execution on a real system. The code is available in a GitHub link. You will also see a list of general articles on C++ features.

Kubernetes yaml for every use case

You can quickly access every Kubernetes yaml you need for a specific job. Without any extra detail, use what you want. You can view the details of that particular use case yaml and respective sections.

System Design – Q&A

You can access all the questions and answers classified topic-wise on system design. Although these are questions and answers, they are designed to introduce you to each concept and pull your attention toward the important things to consider while learning that particular topic.