I am Subba Ramanna, having 16 years of experience in the software industry. I have worked in various computer science technologies such as parallel computing, supercomputing, web technologies, networking, and DevOps domains.

I have expertise in various programming languages and tools such as C, C++, Python, shell scripting, Perl, sed, awk, and go. I have also explored several teaching techniques in computer science fields like Data Science, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, and many other branches. I am a regular user of code repositories and version control systems, some of which are git and svn.

I am using my experience and expertise to explain code repository and version control technologies and tools such as git, programming languages, and different other computer science verticals in a simple manner through this website.

The website aims to provide solutions to every problem that a software developer faces in everyday work.

I am trying to present all the commands and code in one place. A user of this website can follow them in a simple hands-on approach and quickly learn all the basics. This website will also aid as a quick reference for all commands in one place.