Below are some interesting articles on git. These will enhance your understanding of practical know-how and the importance of git.

Also present are step-by-step commands starting from a clean setup of code. You can do hands-on and learn all the basics of git. Whenever in doubt about git, you can quickly refer to that specific git functionality. Or you can check out all the examples below to learn all the concepts of git from scratch.

Articles on git

The Power of Git and GitHub in Web Development
Problems solved by git
Beyond Code: Mastering Git Workflows for Non-Code Collaborations
Bridging the Gap: Integrating Git with Traditional Version Control Systems
Git Security – Basic and Advanced Features
Git Performance Optimization
Git Hooks – Basic and Advanced
Relation between Git and Jenkins

Starting with git

Downloading a git repository [Cloning]
Downloading repository into locally initialized git
Setting username and email in git

Push, Pull and Commit

Adding files into git repository
Pushing changes to a git repository
Pulling commits from remote branch
Check changes after git pull
How to cherry-pick multiple commits in git
How to commit empty folder in git
Cleaning untracked files and directories in git
How to revert a commit in git
Hard and Soft Reset in git
How to get details of a commit in git
Get list of commits by an author
How to view the full git log
Display the list of files changed in a commit
How do I see changes after last commit
How do I see changes between commits
What is git squash and how to squash?

Dealing with branches

Creating a copy of branch in git
Updating one branch with commits from another
How to get branch name in git
Listing branches from remote repository
Delete multiple branches in one command
How to rename a local branch
How do I delete a local and remote branch in git

git diff, merge, fetch and patch

Is git pull the same as fetch and merge?
What information does git fetch retrieve?
Difference between git diff and git diff –staged
How to create a patch in git
How to apply a patch in git
How do I track untracked files in git?
How to make git log pretty?

Working with tags

How to create and push tags
How to checkout a tag